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• We are a full service, hands on, media design and production company with over twenty years of creative story telling and production experience. We produce commercial, industrial, educational and documentary media. Our background in media design, field and studio production, interviewing and sound design enable us to tell stories that captivate and involve the viewer. From concept to completion, we help our clients express their vision. We can lend a Helping Hand on your project.

• We offer a complete production solution for all phases of the media development process including Concept Development, Research and Scripting, Interviewing, Graphics and Layout, Video Field Production, Digital Post-Production, DVD & CD Authoring, Web Development and Interactive Multimedia Authoring.

• We are a cost-effective, creative, responsible, company with the skills, experience and attitude to bring your project to life.


Field Production in Jungles, Mountains, Deserts and Industrial Locations
International Project Development and Management
Multilingual Project Development
Extensive Interviewing Experience
Research and Scripting
Custom Soundtrack Production
Graphics Development



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